At Arctic Restoration and Cleaning, our mission is clear: to transform your home and business environments.

Explore our story, values, and dedication to revitalizing spaces, making them safer and more inviting. Your satisfaction is the cornerstone of our journey.

large industrial fans on wooden floor modern room drying water damage

Flood Restoration

After the flood, count on us to restore calm; our team ensures a dry, secure environment. Begin the restoration process today!
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damaged kitchen fire charred walls exposed ceiling scattered debris

Fire Restoration

Turn back time after fire damage; our dedicated team restores safety and aesthetics seamlessly. Begin your recovery journey today!
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person protective suit mask gloves conducting mold remediation on wall.

Mold Remediation

Protect health and home from mold's silent spread; our comprehensive approach ensures lasting relief. Start your mold-free journey today!
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dimly lit crawlspace water puddle exposed pipes wooden beams overhead

Crawlspace Flooding

Safeguard your home's foundation with our efficient flooding solutions; discover how we ensure lasting protection. Explore today!
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crawlspace mold removal dirt deteriorating concrete walls wooden beams above

Crawlspace Mold Removal

Eliminate hidden mold threats with precision; trust our experts to restore and maintain a healthy home. Explore our approach today!
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house with ice dam forming on roof edge against a clear blue sky

Ice Dam Repair/Removal

Combat winter's icy grip; our experts tackle ice dams, preventing damage and ensuring safety. Secure your home's defense today!
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man using matterport camera tripod checking digital floor plan tablet indoor setting

Matterport 3D Imaging

Visualize spaces like never before; our cutting-edge 3D imaging brings clarity and detail to every corner. Experience the future today!
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sump pump replacement in alaska

Sump Pump Replacement

Keep basements dry and damage-free; our sump pump solutions offer reliability when you need it most. Upgrade your defense today!
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person wearing yellow gloves cleaning a patterned rug with a vacuum, with others in the background

Carpet Cleaning

Rediscover your carpet's original beauty with our expert treatments; let us transform and rejuvenate every fiber. Learn more now!
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